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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Enda Kenny Re-Elected As Irish Prime Minister

The general election in Ireland 70 days ago was inconclusive and has led to weeks of negotiations among the parties.
Seventy days after an inconclusive general election, Enda Kenny has been re-elected as Irish Prime Minister.
His Fine Gael party won the most seats in the election, but failed to secure an overall majority.
Mr Kenny has been acting Prime Minister - or taoiseach - since the vote, while talks took place between rival parties and independents on how to form a new government.
He will now lead a minority Fine Gael government after securing the support of a diverse group of independents and striking deals with opposition party Fianna Fail.
He was re-appointed with 59 votes in favour and 49 votes against.
Mr Kenny, who is 65, has become the first PM to be re-elected to the office, but this vote was the fourth attempt to confirm him in the job, and only followed last-minute negotiations.
"The circumstances of today are, of course, very different from those of five years ago when Ireland was in deep crisis, when our country's very survival was in doubt," he said.
But Mr Kenny said he accepted very many people have not felt the economy picking up in the years since.
"If economic survival was the urgent priority of the last government then using a strong economy to improve the lives, the quality of the lives of our people, must and will be the priority of the new government and that fundamental principle will be the bedrock of our policy programme," he said.
Despite driving an economic recovery, the previous Fine Gael coalition with Labour was punished at the polls by an electorate that was weary of five years of tough austerity policies.

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