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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Big Challenge For 'Wussy' Trump In Wisconsin

The Republican front runner has been given a hard time in the Badger State, writes Sky's Hannah Thomas-Peter.
 Donald Trump Holds Town Hall In Wisconsin Ahead Of State Primary

Hannah Thomas-Peter

New York Correspondent

In part, Donald Trump has upended the Republican nomination process because he's drawing on the support of people who are often disengaged from politics.
For this reason, Wisconsin is a challenging state for him.
Voters there are sophisticated, informed, and turn out in local and national elections is frequently above 70%.
It is also a place proud of its tradition of civility.
On paper then, not obvious Trump territory.
To make matters worse, the billionaire has been given a really hard time by a group of influential right-wing radio talk show hosts who have made it their mission to bring him down.
Among other things, they have accused Mr Trump of being "the biggest wussy of all time", "a big cry baby", a "loudmouth boor" and "a fundamental challenge to the conservative movement".
I could go on.
The person who benefits most from this tricky terrain is Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a conservative purist and Mr Trump's closest rival.
Boosted by a recent endorsement from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a number of recent polls suggest he might win this northern state, picking up many of its 42 delegates in the process.
Such a victory would bolster the Republican establishment's increasingly desperate attempts to stop Mr Trump.
As such, Wisconsin is being seen as perhaps the biggest test yet of both Mr Trump's vulnerability and the strength of the forces aligning to prevent him from becoming the nominee.
The fact remains though, that 'The Donald' is still comfortably winning the delegates race.
He is so far ahead that the GOP's focus now seems to be on denying him the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure outright victory, forcing a contested convention in Cleveland in late July.
Many believe that would be a political bloodbath, enraging the millions of Republican voters who voted for Trump and ultimately costing the party the general election.
For the Republicans, there are no easy solutions in this wild 2016 race.


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