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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ludwig Deutsch Austrian , 1855 - 1935

Ludwig Deutsch was born in Vienna and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna then at the studio of Jean-Paul Laurens in Paris. His early work consisted of historical subjects but by the early 1880's Deutsch's themes became primarily the day-to-day Orientalist paintings for which he is known. Deutsch made several trips to Egypt during his life and many of his settings are from Cairo. His work is done in rich, vibrant colors and his subjects and themes both exotic and fantastic. Deutsch paid great attention to detail and captured the opulent environment of the oriental land he visited 1900, Deutsch was awarded a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition. He became a naturalized citizen of France around this time and by 1919 the Salon catalogs were listing his first name as Louis. Though a little recognized figure in the art world, in recent years Deutsch's paintings have gained in popularity. Ludwig Deutsch died in Paris in 1935.

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