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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Foreign policy adviser to Trump plays down U.S.-Japan comments

Asian-American lobby: Page 5
Donald Trump is willing to reinforce the U.S.-Japan alliance, says a foreign policy adviser to the Republican front-runner in the presidential race.
Trump “would like to strengthen” the alliance, Walid Phares said in an interview.
However, he said, “When it comes to the defense matters and spending, spending is one track and the alliance is another track,” citing Trump’s plan to negotiate a hike in Japan’s financial support for U.S. troops stationed in the nation.
“Our commitment to allies . . . is going to be permanent,” Phares said. “This is part of our policy. If there are intentions by hostile forces against our allies, we will actually be standing with our allies.”
On Trump’s threat to withdraw U.S. troops if Japan does not increase its host-nation support, Phares said: “It is maybe a theoretical scenario that he has established. This does not in any way mean . . . that he is going to abandon” the bilateral alliance.
While noting the withdrawal of U.S. troops “could happen” if talks on an increase in host-nation support go nowhere, Phares said Trump’s position is “an expression” that he is serious about the negotiations.
About Trump’s recent remarks suggesting his tolerance of Japan and South Korea going nuclear, Phares said that these are “extreme scenarios” and that Trump prefers to have all options on the table.

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